Wednesday, August 28, 2013

2004 Shows

Sat 24th - Nashville, TN @ RCKTWN w/ death comesto matteson, The Light Wires, and The Slow & Steady Winner
Sat 31st - Nashville, TN @ Springwater w/ Bells for Aida & Jensen Sportag

Sat 21st - Nashville, TN @ RCKTWN w/ Intersession
Fri 27th - Nashville, TN @ Exit/In - Humdrum Event w/ Thornton, Slow & Steady Winner, Septemberland, Bulb
Sat 28th - Nashville, TN @ The Deck @ Cafe Coco - Hip Hop Night: IEnquiring Minds, Out of Place, Betarhythmics, Plan Beat, Elementary

Mon 1st - Nashville, TN @ Caffeine - Bass Odyssey w/ Travis Vance, special guests: Tom Shinness and Jasmine
Fri 5th - Evansville, IN @ Wired Cafe w/ Betarhythmics, Out of Place, Spoken Nerd, Duraluxe, Gratis
Sat 6th - Memphis, TN @ Java Cabana w/ SJ Tucker
Sun 7th - Belleville, IL @ The 313   
Mon 8th - Memphis, TN @ HiTone w/ Haley Bonar
Tue 9th - Jonesboro, AR @ The Edge Coffeehouse w/ Lafcadio
Thu 11th - Birmingham, AL @ Moonlight Music w/Eric Taylor
Fri 12th - Jackson. TN @ Old HIckory Collective w/ Mortis Invictis and Discider
Sat 13th - Baton Rouge, LA @ Red Star w/ Lucid Soule and The Lindsay Spurlock Band
Mon 22nd - Memphis, TN @ HiTone w/ The 6 parts 7 & The Rosebuds
Tue 23rd - Nashville, TN @ The Deck @ Cafe Coco w/ The Six parts Seven, Emery Reel, and The Sincerity Guild.
Fri 26th - Knoxville, TN @ The Pilot Light w/ Dixie Dirt

Sat 3rd - Nashville, TN @ The Deck @ Cafe Coco w/ Forget Cassettes & Dixie Dirt
Mon 5th - Nashville, TN @ Caffeine - Bass Odyssey: w/ Travis Vance, special guest: Ben Graves
Mon 12th- Nashville, TN @ Caffeine - Bass Odyssey: w/ Travis Vance, special guest: Maya Dorn
Mon 19th - Nashville, TN @ Caffeine - Bass Odyssey: w/ Travis Vance, special guest: Tom Shinness
Fri 23rd - Nashville, TN @ The Deck @ Cafe Coco - Hip Hop Family Affair: w/ Betarhythmics, Kidsmeal, Kamoshin, DVST8, Cinnic, more.

Mon 3rd - Nashville, TN @ Caffeine - Bass Odyssey w/ Travis Vance.
Wed 5th - Cincinnati, OH @ Northside Tavern w/ Michael John Mollo
Wed 12th - Pittsburgh, PA @ Quiet Storm w/ Michael Nace, Jon Check
Thu 13th - Evansville, IN @ The Duck Inn w/ Betarhythmics, more
Sat 15th - Nashville, TN @ The Deck @ Cafe Coco w/ Kevin Thornton & Libby Kirkpatrick
Mon 17th - Nashville, TN @ Caffeine - Bass Odyssey w/ Travis Vance.
Wed 19th - Belleville, IL @ Ground Floor (early show)
Wed 19th - Belleville, IL @ The 313 (late show)
Thu 20th - Cincinnati, OH @ York Street Cafe
Fri 21st - Newport, KY @ Southgate House    - Johnny Cash Tribute Show
Sat 22nd - Evansville, IN @ The Rev w/ Duralux, Namaste
Mon 24th - Nashville, TN @ Caffeine - Bass Odyssey w/ Travis Vance.
Thu 27th - Nashville, TN @ The End    w/ Death comesto Matteson, Thornton.
Fri 28th - Nashville, TN @ The Deck @ Cafe Coco - Hip Hop Family Affair: w/ IEnquiring Minds, Betarhythmics, more.
Mon 31st Nashville, TN @ Caffeine - Bass Odyssey w/ Travis Vance.

Wed 23rd - Birmingham, AL @ Moonlight Music w/Something Else
Thu 24th - Baton Rouge, LA @ Chelsea's w/ Lucid Soule, Lindsay Spurlock Band
Fri 25th - Houston, TX @ Cardi's 2000
Sat 26th - Austin, TX @ Cafe Mundi   
Mon 28th - San Diego, CA @ Gelato Vero Cafe   
Tue 29th - San Luis Obispo, CA @ The Dwelling
Tue 6th - Morro Bay, CA @ 2 Dogs Coffee
Wed 7th - San Luis Obispo, CA @ 2 Dogs Coffee
Thu 8th - San Luis Obispo, CA @ Linnaea's Cafe
Fri 9th - Davis, CA @ Delta of Venus
Sat 10th - Chico, CA @ Moxie's   
Tue 20th - San Francisco, CA @ Club Deluxe w/ Zoe Keating (of Rasputina) & Alex Nahas (of Laughingstock)
Thu 22nd - San Diego, CA @ Scolari's Office w/ T'n'A
Sun 25th - Chico, CA @ Riff Raff Rock Bar    w/ T'n'A
Tue 27th - California Cascade Region @ Autonomous Mutant Festival (I could not find the place)
Wed 28th - Portland, OR @ The Rabbit Hole w/ Inga Muscio, Arin Simonian, T'n'A, Food For Animals
Fri 30th - Seattle, WA @ Coffee Messiah w/ TnA, Food For Animals
Sat 31st - Tacoma, WA @ Bobs Java Jive w/ Eyes of Autumn, T'n'A, Aviso

Sun 1st - Portland, OR @ Mississippi Street Pub
Wed 4th - Boise, ID @ Culture Clash   
Fri 6th - Idaho Springs, CO Paco's   
Sun 8th - Omaha, NE @ Stage Right
Wed 11th - Evansville, IN @ Hammerheads w/ Gratis, Lafcadio
Thu 12th - St. Louis, MO @ The Ritz Lounge   
Fri 13th - Belleville, IL @ The Ground Floor (early show) w/ Jupiter Jazz
Fri 13th - Belleville, IL @ The 313 (late show) w/ Lafcadio
Sat 14th - Little Rock, AR @ Blank Generation w/ Lafcadio
Fri 20th - Newport, KY @ Southgate House - Band agaist Bush
Sat 28th - Nashville, TN @ Hair of the Dog    w/ IEnquiring Minds, Slow & Steady Winner, Lucid Soule (Baton Rouge)

Sat 11th - Nashville, TN @ Hair of the Dog w/ Out of Place, Maya Roman, Comedy hosted by Craig Smith

Fri 8th - Nashville, TN @ The End w/ Death comesto Matteson, Aaron Robinson (from Imaginary Baseball Leage), and Duralux
Thu 14th - St. Louis, MO @ Rocket Bar w/ The Floating City, Target Market
Fri 15th - St. Louis, MO @ Farrago (early show - Noon)
Fri 15th St. Louis, MO @ The Ritz (late show - 10pm)
Sat 16th - Belleville, IL @ The Ground Floor (early show)
Sat 16th - Belleville, IL @ The 313 (late show)
Tue 19th - Evansville, IN @ Wired Cafe - w/ Duralux & Hawthorn
Sat 30th - Nashville, TN @ Hair of the Dog w/ Thornton, Emery Reel, The Floating City

Thu 4th - Mufreesboro, TN @ Hurricane's w/ Out of Place, IEnquiring Minds, Fluent Dialects, & more.
Fri 12th - Memphis, TN @ Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center w/ SJ Tucker (aka Skinny White Chick)
Fri 19th Jonesboro, AR @ The Edge w/ Growth Spurt, Baba Ku
Wed 24th Chicago, IL @ Bourgeois Pig
Fri 26th - Belleville, IL @ The 313
Sat 27th - St. Louis, MO @ Lemp Neighborhood Art Center w/ Target Market & The Floating City.

Sat 11th - Murfreesboro, TN @ Wall Street w/ Out of Place, Bloody Sputem, Mr. Special
Thu 16th - Baton Rouge, LA @ The Darkroom w/ Lucid Soule
Fri 17th - Humble, TX @ Fuel Cafe w/ By the End of Tonight & This Side Up
Sat 18th - Benton, AR @ House Show w/ Turtle Gallery
Sun 19th - Jonesboro, AR @ The Edge Coffeehouse w/ Lafcadio, Growth Spurt, Turtle Gallery, Baba Ku

Friday, March 12, 2010

Albatross : Number One Zine Review

Albatross Number One is SO AWESOME. I repeat, 'SO AWESOME.' It is compiled by David Boone and it is a full sized collection of wisdom, meaningful articles, diy tips and techniques, and just alternative information you can't find in your normal every day zine/magazine. I'll list a couple of articles for preview:
- The Wisdom of Hunter-Gatherers by Peter Gray
- Anti-Civilization, and what that means... by Idzie
- Home Canning 101 By David Boone (I am making a copy of this article for my mom!)
- Beyond Capitalist Food Production: How and why I made a solar fruit dryer
- + more, more, more!

This is a really great zine for occasional reading. I read a couple articles every few days or so. I just kept it in my backpack and took it out from time to time. It is really interesting and you can read it just about anywhere. There are also very motivational quotes and poems.

Also, get this! Albatross is free for reprint and it is available online here.
Here's a link to their blog.
You can also reach David Boone at

Disconcerting 6 & 7

Disconcerting #6 is a loose collection of prose and diaries of Janell Hoong's daily life from August to September 2009. Quiet and momentous, I enjoyed the pace of the zine. She talks about school, finding an internship, her beloved typewriter, and brush painting class! I love how she includes photos and random little drawings. 'The King of Fruits,' made me chuckle. I looooove durians even if they stink up the entire room. After reading this zine, it made me more reflective about daily life and I don't know, it made the whole day shuffling event more exciting.

Disconcerting #7 is text heavy and fantastic! The cardstock cover with the paper airplane outline was a treat to look at. This writing spans from October 2009 to February 2010. The first chapter, 'If at first it doesn't work, reboot,' was my favorite chapter! I received this little pocket sized zine at the beginning of the year and it made me think about how each individual has their own process of living. We are reminded so many times of our own extents and we have to deal with it, you know? I love the whole concept of life 'rebooting.' In fact, it fills me with a lot of hope. Another highlight moment in the zine was Janell's cute crush on the T-Shirt Supplier guy. It gave me that pit tingling sensation that little crushes plant into us. I really recommend this zine! It is not too heavy, not too light, just enough humor and altogether a worthy read.

If you'd like to get in touch with Janell: / (descriptions of all the things she has made) /

Happy Birthday Hungry Forest Art Collective!

Hi Everyone,

Isn't it crazy, its been one year since we started this little shin dig! Sorry we haven't posted in such a long time... the crazies kept bothering us. Some annoucements... we're thinking about starting a distro within the collective more information to come if you want to cosign with us.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Bored? Check out this fun sketch site. I really like the watercolor look. Sometimes photoshop is too much of a hassle. Odosketch simplifies it and you can start making really quite beautiful drawings, like this one!

To view drawing in motion, click below!

Activist's Arsenal

Benjamin Weir and Kathy Tran just started a new project called The Activist's Arsenal. It's basically an informative flier archive for activists. All fliers are creative commons use and anyone is free to make copies and distribute them. The purpose of this project is to of course, be a resource to activists, but it is also meant to help activists get a better sense of design. Advertisers are soooo good at making 'informative' fliers. We feel that activists forget that at one point they too are selling a 'product.' Enough with the black and red text! Enough with the overabundant text and exclamation marks.

Physical binders with 'featured fliers' is hosted at Brave New Books and will be at Monkey Wrench Books.

Please check out our social networking site. Here you can upload photos and discuss with other members!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

SUNDAY SOUNDS - Chiang's Sound Mix

I sort of demanded this of Chiang! It's a fun, upbeat mix and perfect for working on my etsy shop.

Check out Chiang's work.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mail Day from Shae!

Oh my, I do love getting mail so much! It's so awesome getting to the mailbox and finding something that isn't an advertisement, a bill, or gunk. Shae sent me some interesting reads and sounds!

Tragikotatos is a collection of prose, dreams, and more. It is compiled from 8 years of writing, 30 journals!

She has taken one page from each journal and man, it is good. It can be inspiring, romantic, somber, depressing and quite quiet. I very do much enjoy it especially the way it starts:

"Note to Self at Seventeent:
Not every word can be brilliant; not every line a revelation. Sometimes roses must be red and violets must be blue. Don't think any less of yourself. Everything you write is real and good and justifiable. Don't let your lack of self-confidence, talent, genius, creativity, love get you down. You're all you've got. Peace be with you."

If anyone knows me, I reflect about the age of 17 an awful lot. Shae, you don't know how much I needed to read this first page. If you're an aspiring illustrator living in this century with internet access, it can be defeating and maddening. I was having one of those oogly, drooling, obsessive blog reading day about the world wide web's incredible talent and all of its artists' that is not mine. (That was a really confusing sentence to write and probably, read.)

I love the vagueness of this zine. The dreams are amazing. They read as how I feel as though I would dream of them. Does that make sense? I'm not even sure if they are dreams, but I'm going to keep believing they are:

"Mother calls you out arboreal with an empty package, hand past knee. call it all call it red and red and breathe it rough. North Carolina on the phone again."

Shae, I salute your documentation. It must have been so incredible to pull out all your journals and snap that picture of all of them.

Letters to Wassily:
I'm going to steal her description of this zine, because it is perfect and naturally to the dot.

The interviews are SO fun. I'm not really into poetry and occasionally read poems that people suggest, so don't get turned off if you aren't into poetry either. This goes for her other zine 'Pain Giver." It's almost an introduction to poetry. You'll find great quotes and chuckle once or twice about the niceties of an imaginary interview. I also enjoyed the dream treatments she has. I might even try it. She has a couple pages where she writes down keywords and what they symbolize.

If you're interested in reading her zines please give her an email at
peel_the_moon at hotmail dot com. You can also check out her livejournal.
"paingiver" and "tragikotatos" are available at black light diner distro

Shae is also a sensational singer and is in a band called '...y los dos pistoles." Shae, being the writer she is, wrote the lyrics to all their songs. They are from Florida and appears to have played a couple shows.
Check out their myspace here!

More exstensive review to come...

Ryan McGinely

After looking through Ryan McGinely's portfolio I feel like I just went on a summer vacation of a lifetime. One word: incredible.

Outside of the Box! Lasers!

I'm really enjoying this video. It was made by Joseph Pelling, a freelance animator and illustrator. It was the winner of the Digital Artist Awards 2009 animation category.

outside the box from joseph Pelling on Vimeo.

See more of his work on his: