Thursday, April 16, 2009

Zine Review: Erik and Laura-Marie Magazine #44 & Functionally Ill: Adventures with Mental Health (issue three)

Erik and Laura-Marie Magazine #44:
Includes an extensive book and zine review, along with lucid prose and momentous poems. I'm rarely in the mood to read poetry, but Laura-Marie writes brilliant poems. They have the spiritual romanticism of sufi literature and the simplicity of James Joyce.

"We sit talking seriously, but dandelions don't care about us and talk about flower stuff."

Twelve Dreams was one of my favorite pieces, consisting of 12 descriptions of her dreams. The order of her words and the style she writes and wears, makes the dreams feel like mine and exactly the way I would recall them. For a second, after I had read the fourth dream, I thought "These could be my dreams, I will never really know."

I lived in a field with an older man. There had been a prediction that he could leave me when the waters came, and one day water flowed through forrows in the field, and he was gone.

Overall, excellent composition, I would like to read another one of her works soon.

Functionally ill: adventures with mental health, issue three
A comprehensive zine about Laurie Marie's experiences and updates with her mental illness. From the discussion of therapy groups to pills, Laurie Marie does a fine job in describing her life. Although I find the majority of the zine interesting, the most fascinating read was the documentation of the voices within her mind.
I man with a cowboy accent says:

"He's a good boy- he chewed on the best things death. All for 75 cents..."

How appropriate for a zine that reminds me of David Lynch!

You can contact her at:
or visit her blog.

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