Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mail Day from Shae!

Oh my, I do love getting mail so much! It's so awesome getting to the mailbox and finding something that isn't an advertisement, a bill, or gunk. Shae sent me some interesting reads and sounds!

Tragikotatos is a collection of prose, dreams, and more. It is compiled from 8 years of writing, 30 journals!

She has taken one page from each journal and man, it is good. It can be inspiring, romantic, somber, depressing and quite quiet. I very do much enjoy it especially the way it starts:

"Note to Self at Seventeent:
Not every word can be brilliant; not every line a revelation. Sometimes roses must be red and violets must be blue. Don't think any less of yourself. Everything you write is real and good and justifiable. Don't let your lack of self-confidence, talent, genius, creativity, love get you down. You're all you've got. Peace be with you."

If anyone knows me, I reflect about the age of 17 an awful lot. Shae, you don't know how much I needed to read this first page. If you're an aspiring illustrator living in this century with internet access, it can be defeating and maddening. I was having one of those oogly, drooling, obsessive blog reading day about the world wide web's incredible talent and all of its artists' that is not mine. (That was a really confusing sentence to write and probably, read.)

I love the vagueness of this zine. The dreams are amazing. They read as how I feel as though I would dream of them. Does that make sense? I'm not even sure if they are dreams, but I'm going to keep believing they are:

"Mother calls you out arboreal with an empty package, hand past knee. call it all call it red and red and breathe it rough. North Carolina on the phone again."

Shae, I salute your documentation. It must have been so incredible to pull out all your journals and snap that picture of all of them.

Letters to Wassily:
I'm going to steal her description of this zine, because it is perfect and naturally to the dot.

The interviews are SO fun. I'm not really into poetry and occasionally read poems that people suggest, so don't get turned off if you aren't into poetry either. This goes for her other zine 'Pain Giver." It's almost an introduction to poetry. You'll find great quotes and chuckle once or twice about the niceties of an imaginary interview. I also enjoyed the dream treatments she has. I might even try it. She has a couple pages where she writes down keywords and what they symbolize.

If you're interested in reading her zines please give her an email at
peel_the_moon at hotmail dot com. You can also check out her livejournal.
"paingiver" and "tragikotatos" are available at black light diner distro

Shae is also a sensational singer and is in a band called '...y los dos pistoles." Shae, being the writer she is, wrote the lyrics to all their songs. They are from Florida and appears to have played a couple shows.
Check out their myspace here!

More exstensive review to come...

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