Sunday, December 6, 2009

An Unedited Mind by The Force of Nature

An Unedited Mind is John Bobst's first perzine. 75 pages of unedited dreams, thoughts, feelings, insecurities, victories and more. It is a loud, bold, and interesting zine about being bi-polar, missing and not missing an ex-lover, the world, and alike. Part closure, part initiated self discovery, part healing, and part .. whatever enters his mind!

"I'm afraid my first zine is terrible. No one will like my funny stories. But I did them at this typewriter the only thing worth loving. because i spread my pretty wings with it...Then you can look at it and you will be reading a human being. Not just a piece of writing, you will be reading me."

My favorite parts are when he tells stories. The things he remembers while telling the stories are really funny. You know what I mean? The strangest details seem to crawl in when you are recalling a story and typing quickly to remember the story. They are so random and hilarious.

"I need to shower my armpits stink and I have to get dressed up in a suit and go to my cousins graduation today. she's not really my cousin. it's not really a graduation. it's a graduation party."

Then there are moments that really get to you. A confused individual asks so many questions. I think this is something many people can identify with. John has such tender statements that stand alone. I have highlighted them with a blue highlighter.

"I am a lonely person because most of my thoughts come back to the theme of love."

I would recommend this zine if you want to escape your brain and climb into someone else's. Take a dip into someone else's madness and thoughts.

If you want a copy of An Edited Mind, visit his blog!

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